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iDream Web Series

Rib-tickling, Belt-buckling, Chuck-chuckling Sagas

From unscripted content done in front of a webcam to earning Primetime Emmy nominations, Web video content has come a long, long way. Our iDream series kickstarted in 2016 and we built our way from multiple series, channels, numerous episodes on YouTube to making a foray into Television and now OTT platforms. The creative teams at iDream consist of writers and directors, actors, editors, camera, social media and content teams that work in perfect symphony to entertain and amuse you, every single day.

Bhajana Batch

A slapstick comedy series about a father who wants his next generation to carry forward his ancestral legacy of conning people through the art of praising them, locally known as “Bhajana” and when his kids finally agree with him, one con leads to another which follows a series of comical errors.

Muddugare Yashoda Web Series

Cast : Sameer, Pavithra Lokesh, Madhumani Mady, Sruthi Singampalli, Yuktha Kanuri, Appaji Ambarisha Darbha, Deevi Sujatha, Rama Rao Jadhav, Venu Damerla

Darling Maalachimi

Darling Maalachimi

India Weds America

Watch our cute and sweet love story, Don't miss the climax to enjoy twist in the tale.

Pizza VS Gongura

Pizza Vs Gongura is a rom-com rather be called as food-rom-com, a whole new kind of genre. This is a story of two different relationships, one resembling orthodoxy Gongura , other identifies with Pizza following trend, Issues they face solutions they find with their own relationships forms rest of the story, This series begins Post Pellichoopulu, ends with marriage whatever happens in between is deliciously served as feast to your eyes..:)


Ever wondered how would girl's react if they ever got friendzoned Watch our video to know it would look.

Annoying Series

We all have had annoying experiences with our girlfriend/boyfriend. So, This Week we bring you few such experiences of one such boyfriend..

Hum Tum

Hum Tum is a fun, breezy situational comedy set in a picturesque locale in the midst of the urban din. Each episode being different, we are introduced to myriad characters from in and around the city, all of whom cause some tiny little rift in an otherwise idyllic lifestyle. It’s the little things, the tiny struggles, the funny events that encompass their life.

Before Vs After

Here's our all new series this year, #BeforeVsAfter . Here in this series we decode day to day things happening to us in a before and after order. Every week we 'd come back with one topic we all have in common and talk about it's struggles. In this episode we tried decoding all the madness surrounding the Marriage. By trying to show what happens before and after Marriage.


Sitcom" happening between few employees and boss in an office. LOL OK Please is a comedy series which will portray the real life situations in a funny way.

O Chinnadhana

O Chinnadhana is a New web series based on a confused love story between two strangers. LOL OK Please is a comedy series which will portray the real life situations in a funny way.

Lambu Dumbu Nimbu

Deepak (Anirudh) is a sadistic landlord. Tharun (Abhishek), and Raj (Koushik) are his innocent tenants. Meanwhile, deepak's sister returns to India, and the tenants fall for her. Watch our series to see their funny struggle of our 'Teenage mutant ninja tenants'...

Anando Brahma

This is the story of 4 people in the media industry, who are not happy with their work. They are summoned for a meet where they will be discussing their future plans. Let us see how their lives are going to change.

Stay Foolish || Lie Detector

LOL OK Please is a comedy series which will portray the real life situations in a funny way.


Here's Geethanjali serial episode 13. First Telugu serial to have been completely shot in United States Of America, starring #SumaKanakala in lead role. Story, Screenplay & Direction by Damaraju Kumar.

Happy Hours

The story follows five 20 something friends Sid, Varun, Deeksha, Preethi and Gowtham who live in Hyderabad and plan to start-up a venture. Watch Episode 1 to discover their lives and where they stand a few years down the line.

Nenu Naa Girlfriend

Nenu Naa Girlfriend" is a Comedy web series produced by iDream Media, a leading digital media firm. The story revolves around Karthik (Arjun Kalyan), a 25 year old architect, who is in love with Sruthi (Adrika Sharma). Priya (Indraja Vemuganti), a colleague from work enters into Karthik's life at a crucial juncture leading to an interesting turn of events in his life.

Raghuvaran Breakup

Raghuvaran Breakup is a post break-up rom-com series between an urban couple named Maya and Raghuvaran, It’s a Crazy story of Love Hate Revenge and all the other cute things.

What the Lolli

Love stories and random gags. Series that you can binge-watch and content that is a fresh, satirical take on current news. It’s a mix and the best of what web content has to offer, all ages and tastes.

Topudu Bandi

Every genre, every mood, every feeling ever. Laugh, cry, smile, chuckle, giggle, smirk, think, dream and feel all kinds of things…as we take you on a fictional journey week after week. Box of chocolates kind of channel, you never know which flavour you are getting!

DJ Talkies

Mostly series, mostly syndicated, mostly catering to everyone, everywhere. DJ Talkies has the romcoms that make for the best popcorn-friendly viewing. Family entertainers that are humorous and breezy.

DJ Women

A New Age Women Centric Channel for your weekly dose of entertainment, which deciphers the day to day life of every Indian girl. If it’s a girl thing, we got a gag going for it. DJ Women is relatable for women and revealing for men.

Lol OK Please

All that glitters may not be gold, but all that is Lol Ok Please is comedic Gold. From Episodic little gags to several comedy Series that tickled the viewers and had them waiting for the next episode, Lol Ok channel has something for every funny palate.